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No April Premium Increase
As part of our ongoing commitment to always putting our members first, we are passing on savings made due to Covid-19 back to members in the form of no premium price increase in April 2022.

We look after the Australians who keep Australia moving

People before profits

As a mutual not-for-profit, we exist for our members, not shareholders.

Industry specialists

We're the health fund for the rail, transport and energy industries.

130+ years strong

We've been looking after Australian workers since 1889.


We keep it simple

We have a simple range of great value health covers.

Australia's First Registered Health Fund

In November 2021, rt health launched a poignant video to showcase its long and proud history. 

With historical photos to illustrate, it touches on the health of the first colony of NSW, how railway workers in Sydney started the Railway & Transport hospital fund in 1889, effects of the Spanish Flu, two world wars, booming membership in the 1940s and 50s, impacts of government changes to healthcare legislation, right through to our merger on 1 November 2021 with HCF, Australia’s largest mutual, not-for-profit health fund.

Image courtesy of NSW State Archives

Join rt health today to get great value health cover from your industry specialists.

Doing a tough job can take it out of you physically. In your line of work, you need a health fund who can look after you, who understands your industry’s specific health needs, and what your job entails.

Health insurance can be complicated, which is why we take care of the details, helping you make sure you’ve made the right decisions for yourself and your family.

We support rail, transport and energy workers so you never have to worry about managing your health concerns alone.