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Energy industry - we're here for you!

The legislation has finally been formalised – rt health fund is the official industry health insurer for the energy industry! And, our first presence in this capacity came at the recent Energy Skills Queensland event.

Privileged position

For my colleagues and I, it was a privilege for rt to be a major sponsor and the perfect forum to introduce our team and our organisation to the industry. This excellent event provided an in-depth and thought-provoking insight into the industry as it is today, and potentially, how it will be in the future.

Between sessions, delegates representing the energy industry – from electricity supply and generation to sustainable and renewable energy – dropped by to engage with us.

An Australian institution

Despite being a part of the Australian story for over 125 years, few people had heard of rt health fund. It wasn’t a surprise. As a closed and mutual health fund, rt doesn’t have the big advertising and public relations budgets to get our name out there, unlike our giant for-profit contemporaries.

In my experience working with our corporate partners, I believe that part of the successful ongoing appeal of rt health fund is its not-for-profit nature. We’ve been quietly serving the needs of Australians for a long time and our aim is to do it right.

Clearly, we’re doing something well. Some 50,000 Australian transport and electricity industry people already trust their health cover to us.

Preventative health focus

Our introduction to the energy industry at Energy Skills triggered a lot of interest – the corporate packs, brochures, giveaways and flyers were flying off the shelves!

While our official association with the energy industry is only recent, we’re already aligned with a number of energy-based organisations.

For example, we’ve been proud to have work with Energy Super and Energy Australia, partnering with them to provide health information programs.

Ethical approaches

David with Tanya Codd from SWQ training
David with Tanya Codd from SWQ training

Our ethical and always-listening-to-what-you-need attitude is one we’re passionate about and one that strikes a chord with many. Personalised service is what we believe in and we deliver it via a unique relationship manager – whether we’re working with a small business, a company, a professional body, a union, an industry super fund or a membership association. It’s our business to help facilitate, plan launch and raise awareness of your individualised health plan. Our aim? To bring day-to-day wellbeing into your workplace. Not just on the first day, but for the long haul!

We’re the most trusted health insurer in Australia!

There’s no doubt, partnering with any organisation takes a leap of faith. But we get it right, and here’s the proof… The most extensive study of health insurance in Australia found that rt health fund members are more likely to recommend us than members of any other health fund. It showed that our members value our straightforward approach to health insurance and the genuine service they receive. The study also proved that our members take the opportunity to tell their friends, family and workmates about us.

But back to the uplifting event that was Energy Skills Queensland. I look forward to following up with the many professionals who expressed an interest in rt health fund and thank our VIP guests for accompanying us. Finally, I thank Energy Skills Queensland for providing such a fantastic line up of incredibly insightful speakers.

Energy industry, rt health fund is looking forward to working with you. Energy industry, I’m looking forward to getting to know you!

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