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Young and active? Time to get protected! Think about health insurance and you probably won’t think about young people. After all, being young means being fit, healthy and active, doesn’t it? In my experience working with rt health fund, I’ve seen first-hand how living life to the fullest – whether it be through sports, travels and/or celebratory nights out – means that having health insurance should be high on a young person’s agenda! Continue Reading

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Seven steps to protect your kids' teeth Being a parent is a massive learning curve and with so much conflicting advice around, it can be hard to know what’s right and who’s right. So, our rt healthy teeth Dentist, Dr Lincoln Law, shares his advice on protecting your kids’ teeth now and into the future. Continue Reading

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Influenza - should you get vaccinated? As soon as autumn arrives, you can hear the word flu (a shortened version of the term influenza) being talked about everywhere. But, do you know what causes influenza? What’s in the vaccine? How it works? And whether it’s right for you? Dr Jui Tham, Chief Medical Officer at rt health fund has the answers … Continue Reading

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Seven ways to feel awesome this autumn Your chances of infections such as colds and flu definitely increase as the colder months creep up. So as the temperature dips, try these awesome autumn tips. Continue Reading

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Teeth and tobacco To mark World Oral Health Day (WOHD) today, we’re focusing on tobacco and how it affects oral health. Continue Reading

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Are your eyes vulnerable Do you know about the silent sight stealer that is glaucoma? During World Glaucoma Week (8-14 March, 2015), events will be held all over the world to increase the awareness of the serious – but treatable condition. Continue Reading

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International Women's Day To celebrate today, International Women’s Day, we asked women in the transport and energy industries what inspires them personally and professionally. While they each come from different backgrounds and work in different roles, they are all leaders in their field and demonstrate that women are an integral part of today’s workplace, even in industries that are traditionally male dominated. So be inspired by what inspires these fantastic mothers, daughters, wives, sisters, colleagues and leaders! Continue Reading

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Have you heard the news? Australia’s new mutual health fund alliance has today announced itself to the nation with the news that we offer a genuine alternative when it comes to health insurance. Continue Reading

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Sunnies, sunscreen and summer health The warm days of summer mean holidays, swimmers and sunnies. And the warmer months bring their own special kind of health challenges, too. Here are some ways that you can enjoy the season, while staying healthy as you have fun in the sun! Continue Reading

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Happy Australia Day

As Australia celebrates its 227th year as a nation, I’d love to reflect on our shared history spanning 126 years! So sit back with a cuppa, relax and enjoy all things Australian!

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