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Members Health Fund Alliance, putting members’ health before profit

We are proud to be a member of the Members Health Fund Alliance

Members Health is the unified voice for Australian health insurance funds that are run for people, not for profits.

Our alliance of not-for-profit, member owned, regional or community based health insurance funds are awarded unrivalled access to health industry leaders, government and regulators – and more opportunity to provide greater health insurance benefits to their policyholders. This is enabled through long-standing industry expertise, professionalism and strong relationships with industry, government and regulatory agencies. Coupled with strength of numbers, knowledge and determination to achieve better outcomes for our funds and policyholders, they serve as Members Health’s greatest strengths.

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Our corporate partners

Collins Adelaide is a family tradition. Owned and operated by the Collins family since 1965, it specialises in transporting and storing with custom solutions created for each customer and product. Collins' modern facilities and broad range of long-term customers are a testament to the confidence its clients have in its ability to deliver.

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Endeavour Mutual bank is a member-owned cooperative that has been providing banking products and services to transport industry employees and their families since 1953. Endeavour offers a range of financial services including everyday savings accounts, high interest-earning internet savings account, term deposits, home and personal loans, financial advice and insurance.

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Energy Super is one of Australia's leading super funds for employees of the electrical supply industry and broader energy sector, with more than 49,000 members and $5.9b funds under management.

rt health and Energy Super share the same goal of delivering value and service to our members, and just as Energy Super is the super fund for people in the energy industry, so too is rt the health fund for people in the electricity industry.

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MOVE was established in 1968 as Railways Credit Union, with the aim of helping railway workers and their families build stable financial futures. MOVE provides flexible, competitive financial products delivered through exceptional personalised service. 

We offer a range of loans designed to meet your needs at every stage of life - whether you're buying your first home, upgrading, or funding an investment property, MOVE has a product that's right for you.


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Resource Industry Network is a peak industry association representing companies actively engaged in the resource sector and those who are allied to the sector.

We connect, develop and promote our members to commercial decision makers, peak bodies and government representatives in the resources sector.

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Australian Drilling Industry Association (ADIA) is a not-for-profit organization, with around 800 members who are drilling contractors, suppliers, consultants and regulators. Their businesses are active in the minerals exploration, mining, coal seam gas, groundwater and civil infrastructure sectors.

Our members are at the forefront of drilling technology that increases safety, productivity and business outcomes.

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Transport Mutual Credit Union is the banking alternative for transport workers. We have been helping transport workers, contractors and their families reach their financial goals since 1964. If you are a member of rt health, you already qualify to be a member of Transport Mutual.

Who is Transport Mutual?

We are a member-owned financial services provider.

What sets us apart from other banks?

  • We are not-for-profit
  • We believe in personalised service
  • We put you at the centre of everything we do

Why should you choose Transport Mutual?

  • You’re looking for banking services that are tailored to your needs
  • You want your banking provider to understand transport, and how that relates to you as a customer
  • You agree with us that banking organisations should put people before profit

Switching to better banking is easy. Join now to experience the benefits of ‘Banking for Transport Workers’ today.

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Our industry partners

The Australasian Railway Association (ARA) is a not-for-profit member-based association that represents passenger, freight, track, manufacturing, construction, supply and other rail companies in Australia and New Zealand. They are the Voice of the Rail Industry.

The ARA's fundamental purpose is to create an environment that will permit the Australasian rail industry to prosper. As well as shaping policy in the areas of passenger, freight, rail safety regulatory reform, the environment, technology and research, the ARA is also involved in events and programs aimed at promoting the challenges and achievements of the Australasian rail industry.

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Road Freight NSW is the state representative organisation for the road freight transport operators. It is a part of the national Road Freight NSW network of member organisations that works together to drive better outcomes for the trucking industry. They are the voice of the road transport industry in NSW.

Road Freight NSW is a member of the Australian Trucking Association's national general council, giving NSW operators a strong input into the national transport agenda.

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Transport Life & Leisure is a not-for-profit organisation that provides a variety of benefits and services to its members, including discounts on holiday units, hotels and motels, restaurants, theme parks, movie tickets, whitegoods, home handyman services and much more.

rt health and Transport Life & Leisure each have a a unique distinction of having served people in the railway community for well over 100 years.

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The Rail Track Association Australia (RTAA) is a voluntary not-for-profit organisation, dedicated to pursuing and promoting the interests of track infrastructure within the Australian rail sector.

The RTAA brings together owners, contractors, consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, academics, research and development personnel, regulators and individuals who are part of the Australian rail track community.

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Transport Women Australia Limited was formed in 1999 by an enthusiastic group of women who shared a common view that women in transport could benefit from a national, independent organisation focused on providing support and dealing with industry issues from the perspective of women.

It is now the leading group representing women in the transport industry. Transport Women members come from a diverse range of industry sectors, including road, rail, maritime and aviation.

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WARTA is recognised as Western Australia's peak industry body in transport and logistics. WARTA works with all levels of government, industry and unions to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

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Maritime Employees Training Limited (METL) is a not-for-profit training organisation established by maritime employees and the Maritime Union of Australia. 

At METL, they are committed to consulting with industry to provide an expanding suite of needs-based training and related services. Their vision is the most skillful, safe and efficient maritime workforce globally.

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Their priority is safety management best practice in the transport and logistics industry. They assist organisations in maintaining or improving their safety and compliance performance for heavy vehicle Chain of Responsibility Laws.

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Fair Wealth Australia has a goal at its core of helping our members and their families, and have done so since 1945. A range of services are offered, including a Sickness and Accident Benefit for when illness or injury affect yourself or your family, a Funeral Insurance and Funeral Savings product, to ease the burden of funeral costs for your family in a time of grief, and a range of other benefits including access to counselling services and a journey cover product.

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We're proud to be the health fund of choice for these organisations