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Flu Shots

by rt staff writer in Wellbeing
3 min read

If you haven’t had your yearly flu jab yet, now is a great time to get it.

The Australian Department of Health recommends flu shots for everybody over the age of six months, including pregnant women at any stage of their pregnancy. Getting a flu shot will also help reduce the risk of a dangerous double-up of seasonal flu and Coronavirus.

With hospital resources still focused on potential cases of COVID-19, it’s important that they not be overwhelmed by cases of ‘normal’ flu.

Getting an annual Influenza (flu) vaccine is one of the best things that you can do to help protect yourself and your family from getting sick during the colder winter months. According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), Australian hospitals have seen up to 12,000 admissions for influenza in previous flu seasons and from 1997 to 2016, a total of 2,316 Australians died from the flu.

Know the symptoms

So what is the flu and how do we know if we have the it or just a common cold? The flu is a contagious respiratory disease that is spread from person to person by coughing, sneezing or even by talking to someone, according to the AIHW. Symptoms can include fever and chills, coughing, tiredness, a sore throat and joint and muscle pain. Although some colds can share the same symptoms as the flu, it is rare to get a fever or aches and pains with a cold. These symptoms are much more common with the flu. 

At risk industries

Transport and energy workers across Australia have a high risk of catching a cold or getting sick from the flu because of the nature of their work. Whether you’re providing customer service at a train station, helping people get to where they need to go by driving a bus, or heading out into the suburbs working on powerlines, many rt health members are coming face-to-face with hundreds of people every day.

How to claim for a flu shot

If you hold an rt health Extras policy you can claim 100 per cent of the cost of the flu vaccine up to $50 per injection. To make a claim on your flu jab, just make sure you have an itemised receipt (it should also include the details of the pharmacy or doctor’s practice) and submit it through our claims app or by filling in a claim form, which can be found on our website, and emailing it to us. If you don’t already have our app, you can download it for free onto your smart phone via the Android or Apple app store.

If you need hospital treatment

If you do get sick with severe flu in the form of influenza pneumonia and you require treatment in a hospital, we’ll also be there to help. All rt health hospital products (apart from Basic Public Hospital cover, which only covers you in a public hospital) provide cover across both public and private hospitals for lung and respiratory illnesses, including the flu. If you do find yourself needing to go to hospital, we always recommend giving us a call, so you can get the best possible outcome from your health insurance for your stay in hospital.

So don’t delay, if you haven’t already, go and get your flu shot. If you have any questions about how you are covered for flu vaccines, call us on 1300 886 123 or email us at help@rthealthfund.com.au.

This article was written by member growth and retention consultant, Stephen Martin. Stephen’s 20-year career has encompassed work across the rail and private health sectors. Stephen is currently completing his 3rd year of an undergraduate communications degree, majoring in public relations and media.

DISCLAIMER This wellbeing message is brought to you by the health and wellbeing team at rt health – the health fund for transport and energy people. The health information provided here is intended to be informative only and should be carefully evaluated for its source, accuracy, completeness and relevance for your purposes. It is not a replacement for professional medical evaluation, advice, diagnosis or treatment by a healthcare professional. Always obtain appropriate professional advice relevant to your particular circumstances.

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