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Top 10 hospital claims by rt health members

by rt staff writer in Insurance 101
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You might not ever need to be hospitalised for acute respiratory failure, but isn’t it good to know that you’re covered, just in case? For one member, this illness resulted in one of the highest claims paid by rt health in the past year, with treatment and a hospital stay costing a total of $126,445.

Or perhaps you are planning on starting a family or having another child? In this case you know you will probably be going to hospital, but you may need to upgrade your hospital cover to include pregnancy. That way if everything doesn’t go according to plan, you’re covered for life’s emergencies, to protect you and your precious family. Some of the highest hospital claims paid by rt health are for premature births and complications; two such cases in the past year amounted to $199,711 and $183,154.

Another high claims category is heart disease. A top claim for the past year was for chronic ischaemic heart disease, at $111,064. This is a condition where the heart is starved of oxygen due to a reduced blood supply. It causes severe chest pain and an irregular heartbeat, and can be fatal.

Similarly, heart disease such as angina pectoris may require a coronary bypass and a long hospital stay, with one such case recently covered by rt health for $94,944. The public health system in Australia is great, but what if you can’t wait for treatment in the public system? Private hospital cover helps you to avoid long public hospital waiting lists.

If you don’t have private hospital insurance and the public system cannot help you urgently enough, the hospital costs can be astronomical, as the chart on the next page shows.

Having hospital cover with rt health gives you peace of mind, even if you’re not expecting to end up in hospital.

Top 10 hospital claims by rt health members