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What is Not-for-Profit Health Insurance?

by rt staff writer in Insurance 101

What so good about not-for-profit health insurance?

We all want great service, an extra degree of care and ongoing support from our health insurer – especially when it comes to protecting the health of the people we care about the most.

With more than 130 years of experience, we’re experts at knowing what our members value most from their private health cover. We also know that quality products, great benefits and support in accessing services are essential.

When we say we’re not for profit, it means we’re committed to providing more benefits for members. It means we work hard to get a better deal for our members – whether that be delaying our premium increases (like we have in 2022) or in developing programs to provide improved benefits and services.

When you’re choosing your private health cover, there are always a few things you have in mind. You think about the potential cost, the level of cover you’d like and about choosing the policy that’s right for you and your family.

These days, we also find that many Aussies are interested to know more about whether we’re a not for profit fund. We’re proud to tell them we are.

Our primary focus is on our members and providing them the services they need to protect and improve their health.


So, what’s the difference between not for profit and for profit health funds?

On the surface, most things may not be any different. You may get a similar policy, service and advice.

Basically, a not-for-profit health fund uses revenue only to pay benefits to or on behalf of members and to cover operating costs (including employees, rent, technology and other costs). Anything left over is put back into improving our member services, improving benefits or providing new offerings for our members.

For profit funds generally pay dividends to shareholders. This cuts down the amount they’re able to return to members and to spend on improving benefits and services. 


We’re proud to be a not-for-profit health insurer. Our members come first.

rt health has been looking after workers in the rail, transport and energy sectors for more than 130 years by providing not for profit health insurance. Now as part of HCF, Australia’s biggest not-for-profit health fund, rt health will continue to focus on the health needs of workers in these sectors. We’re also now an open fund, which means we’re able to welcome more hardworking Aussies into the fold.

Founded by a cooperative of railway workers at Eveleigh workshops in Sydney back in 1889, we’ve maintained our core values of being a mutual, not-for-profit health insurer, focusing on the specific needs of rail, transport and energy workers. 

Today, this means we’re invested in helping our community, providing support when it’s needed most and giving our members the care and advice they deserve.


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What is Not-for-Profit Health Insurance?