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Your Guide to Family Health Insurance

by rt staff writer in Insurance 101

About rt health

With so many health insurers on the market, finding the right policy for your family can seem complicated. As a not-for-profit insurer focused on providing value to our members, rt health is dedicated to cutting through the jargon and simplifying the health insurance process. 

Our caring team has been supporting Australian workers in the rail, transport and energy industries for more than 130 years. We take the time to discuss your options and compare covers to help you select the policy that’s right for you. 

We’ve put together some important information you should know before selecting a health insurance policy for your family.

What Should Your Family Health Insurance Include?

Finding the right health insurance policy for your family will depend on a few things. These include the age of your kids, whether you’re a single or two-parent household and if you want Hospital and/or Extras cover. 

While there are many different health insurance policies available, the best health fund for families will usually offer one of three types of cover:

1. Family Hospital Cover

This type of cover can provide for some hospital treatments as a private patient, including costs related to surgery theatre fees and accommodation to stay in a ward. Services and benefits for clinical services and accommodation vary depending on your level of cover so the best one for you be a personal decision.

2. Family Extras Cover  

Extras can support your family with access to a variety of general health services ranging from dental and optical, to podiatry and speech therapy. The exact benefits offered may vary, so you should always check to ensure your policy meets your family’s needs.  

3. Combined Family Hospital & Extras Cover

A combined policy allows you to take out both Hospital and Extras cover. At rt health, we give you the freedom to choose what’s best for you and your family. You can mix and match our range of Hospital and Extras covers to get the combination that’s right for you.

Find out more: rt health | Understanding your cover | RT Health (rthealthfund.com.au)

Choose rt health for better cover

The best private health insurance for families provides value where it’s needed most. A good Extras policy will cover your growing kids for the things they need the most – good dental and optical benefits are always important as your children grown. rt health also looks after your family as the kids get older – and we’re now offering cover for adult dependants right up to 31 years.

We know that being a parent requires a fair bit of flexibility. That’s why we’re always on hand when it’s time to review your cover. As you (and your kids) get older it’s best to review your cover to make sure you’re still covered for the things that you need and want from your private health insurance.

Excess options

When you select any hospital cover with rt health, you’ll don’t pay extra for dependent children covered by your membership. We also look after your family by making sure excess does not apply to kids. You won’t pay any excess on hospital admissions for your kids (until they turn 22). And, if you choose our Assure, Classic or Essential  Hospital covers, the excess for a day surgery admission for everyone else (aged 22 and over) on your policy is just $100. 

Cover for kids up to age 31 

Knowing your kids’ health is protected is important. And being able to keep your kids covered for longer, makes life easier. We’re now offering cover to adult dependants – whether they’re students or working – right up until they turn 31.

We’re making the most of new Federal Government legislation that allows health funds to cover adult dependants for longer – making things easier for young adults and their parents.

From 1 April 2022, we’re offering cover to adult kids – whether they are students or working – right up until their 31st birthday.

Full-time students can remain covered for free and working kids can remain covered for an additional premium (less than the amount they’d pay for an equivalent single person cover).

Find out more: rt health | Kids covered to 31 (rthealthfund.com.au)


The Families Foundation

At rt health, when we say we put people first, we really mean it. We’re dedicated to reinvesting in hard working Australian families. That’s why we created 'The Families Foundation', an independent charitable organisation run by rt health staff volunteers in their free time. The Families Foundation offers financial support to families in the form of medical care, treatment or equipment that isn’t covered by other forms of health insurance. 

Find out more: rt health | Families Foundations | RT Health (rthealthfund.com.au)

Get a quote from rt health today

When searching for the best private health insurance for families, you can choose rt health with confidence. Our expert team understands everything you need to consider before choosing who to trust with your private health insurance. Our team will spend as much time as you need to help you to understand what the best cover is for you and your family. 

With just a few simple questions, we can get a picture of the type of cover your family needs. Give us a call on 1800 886 123 or reach out via email to join@rthealthfund.com.au to find the best health cover for you and your family.

Your Guide to Family Health Insurance