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Pulse Newsletter

Pulse Newsletter

August 2021

OPSM remote optometry

Members are now able to access OPSM Tele-Optometry, an innovative solution that gives you remote access to essential optometry services, no matter where you are. You can book a remote video consultation with an OPSM optometrist from the comfort of your home, based on suitability and eye care needs. There is no cost currently associated with this service.   

Tele-Optometry is like a short consultation in store and many eye conditions can be managed by this short consultation. If OPSM can’t resolve your issue with Tele-Optometry, they’ll immediately direct you to your nearest OPSM store, a doctor for general medical care or a hospital if necessary.

To book a consultation, contact your nearest store or call 1800 626 300 and the  team will connect you with an OPSM optometrist. OPSM stores in NSW remain open providing essential care. To find out more please follow the link https://www.opsm.com.au/tele-optometry

Meet our members

Meet Nola, 92 years young. With both her grandfather and father working on the railways, plus a brother, Nola has a long and happy history of involvement with the railways. Here she talks about her family’s experience, which included fun holidays to Sawtell, near Coffs Harbour on the NSW North Coast, when the family took up a whole train carriage for the trip. Nola joined rt health in 1946, which means she has now been a member for 76 years.

Click here to watch Nola's story

Emergency dental treatment from National Dental Care

For people affected by a current lockdown, you can still visit a National Dental Care dentist for any issue that is classed as a dental emergency. These include:

  • Toothache
  • Chipped or broken tooth that is irritating the tongue or is unsightly
  • Lost filling that is irritating the tongue or is unsightly
  • Knocked-out or loose adult tooth

To find your nearest National Dental Care location where you can use your rt health cover, click here: https://rthealthfund.com.au/health-services/find-a-dental-clinic/

Telehealth and in-person treatments

Don’t forget – whether you are in lockdown or not – you can use Telehealth services for both ancillary treatments and for GP appointments. This means you can consult practitioners such as psychologists, dieticians and occupational therapists via phone or video; as well as GPs. For physical therapists such as osteopaths and physios, you are still able to consult in person as these are essential services.

Reviewing your cover

It makes sense to review your cover regularly, especially with major life changes, such as having children. We’ve created a short video of when it’s a good time to update your cover. Our team can give you a quote to ensure you are on the right cover for your life stage.

Click here to view the video

Side-effects from Covid-19 vaccines covered by health insurance

rt health will cover members who are admitted to hospital for the treatment of an adverse reaction to a COVID-19 vaccine if they have a hospital insurance policy. This is the same principle that applies to any treatment, whether it is required because of an adverse reaction to a vaccine, medication, or is due to some other cause.

It's normal to get some side effects when you receive a vaccine, but these are usually mild-to-moderate and generally go away within one to two days.

We’re here for you – give us a call

Despite the majority of our staff being based in Sydney on stay-at home orders, our call centre is operating at full strength and we are determined to serve all our members with efficiency and dedicated care right now.

Please feel free to call us and speak to one of our member service specialists.