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Stronger Together

Stronger Together
rt health and HCF. Stronger Together

We’re proud to be merging with Australia’s leading not-for-profit health fund, HCF, to secure a strong future for rt health. A future that will improve the benefits and programs we can offer to our members, while remaining true to our heritage - 130 years of rail, transport and energy industry workers supporting each other.

In summary

Members will receive more benefits and the same great service.

Our commitment to and focus on rail, transport and energy industry workers remains unchanged.

We are building a strong future for the not-for-profit, mutual sector.

With HCF we will be stronger together.

What the merger will mean for our members

Same staff, same service

Your policy remains the same. Your contributions remain the same. The rt health brand remains the same. The dedicated rt health staff serving you remain the same.

Still here for industry

The merger will see rt health and its policies sit under the HCF umbrella, while remaining an independent brand dedicated to the rail, transport and energy industries.

2 months' free health insurance

Following the merger, and subject to how long you remain a HCF policyholder, you’ll receive two months’ free cover (one month free 12 months after the merger and the second month free 24 months after the merger). This amounts to a saving of hundreds of dollars for most members.

More competitive pricing

With HCF’s scale, your premium increases are likely to be lower over the next three years compared with what we would expect to be able to offer you as a small, stand-alone fund.

Greater access to dental and optical network services

You’ll gain access over time to HCF’s extensive dental and optical clinical network across Australia, as well as additional member health and wellbeing programs.

Preservation of value

The value of your corporate membership of rt health is preserved within HCF.

Voting rights

rt health members will have the same voting rights as HCF policyholders if they meet the same eligibility requirements for voting which apply to HCF policyholders under HCF’s Constitution.

Loyalty discounts

You'll gain access over time to discounts on e-gift cards and vouchers.

rt health and HCF. Stronger Together
Stronger Together Media Release