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Why rt health?

Why rt health?
We've been here since 1889, so we've had a long time to get it right.

Have you been shopping around for a new Health Fund? It's not always an easy choice to make, especially if you've been with your old fund for a long time – they know you, you have history together. You kinda know how it all works and it can feel like there's a lot at risk when you make a change. That's why we're here to help.

If you're interested in making the switch, give our team a call. Talk to us about what you're looking for and what your concerns are. Unlike a lot of health funds, we encourage our team to spend all the time they need with people, whether you're thinking of joining or are already a member. We'll talk you through the options, help you compare our covers with the one you have now, explain all the ins and outs, and help make sure you have all the info you need to make the best decision for you.


We're the health fund for transport and energy industry people.

Not everyone is eligible to join us but if you, or a member of your family, work in the transport or energy industries – or ever have – then you’re eligible to join.

We're a mutual not-for-profit fund.

That means we’re owned by our members. We have no reason for existing other than to provide our members with the best possible health cover at the best possible price. With us, it’s all about a better deal for members, not shareholders.

We've been looking after Australian workers since 1889.

We’ve been providing health cover to people in the rail, transport and energy industries since 1889, so we’ve had a long time to get it right.

We have a simple range of great value health covers.

We keep it simple – no tricky fine print, no fancy footwork to trip you up. What you see is what you get. And you’ll be pleasantly surprised to see how our prices and benefits compare; it’s the type of deal you’d expect from your industry health fund.

Membership eligibility

How it works?

Because rt is a restricted membership health fund, we’re here to provide health cover to transport and energy industry employees and their families.

Are you eligible to join?

There are two different types of health funds in Australia – unrestricted funds that anyone can join, and ‘restricted’ membership funds that require special eligibility to join. rt is a restricted membership health fund.

We exist specifically to care for the health cover needs of transport and energy industry employees and their families, which means our focus is on finding ways to keep providing even more services, better benefits and greater value to people in our industries.

Because we are a not-for-profit fund we have no reason to exist other than to provide great health cover to our members. And because only transport and energy industry people are eligible to join, rt really is your health fund.

You may be eligible in your own right, or through an eligible family member, even if your family member is not an rt member. Once your eligibility to join rt has been established it remains in place for life, even if you lose your original links with the transport or energy industries.

Employee eligibility

You are eligible to join in your own right if you are a current or former employee of a:

  1. Government or privately operated land, sea or air transport company

  2. Government entity charged with administering the land, sea or air transport industries
  3. An employee of a government or privately operated energy generation and delivery entity including supply of electricity, gas, oil, petrol, coal, nuclear or renewable energy
  4. Contract company where you are, or were, employed to provide contracted services to an organisation described in 1, 2 or 3 above;
  5. Franchisee of an organisation described in 1,2 or 3; or
  6. RT health fund; Or you are a current or former member of MOVE (formerly called Railways Credit Union Limited)


Family eligibility

You are eligible to join through a family relationship if you are related to someone who fits any of the above criteria, whether they are an rt member or not. You must be the eligible person's:

  1. Parent
  2. Brother or sister
  3. Brother-in-law or sister-in-law
  4. Partner / former partner (spouse or de facto)
  5. Child (natural, adopted, step child or foster child)
  6. Son-in-law or daughter-in-law
  7. Grandchild or partner of a grandchild

If you’re not sure if you’re eligible to join, ask our team on 1300 56 46 46.

Why we're different

Great excess options...and the kids go excess-free

No matter which of our hospital covers you have, you'll never pay an excess for dependent children covered by your membership. If you choose our Premium Hospital cover with an excess, all day surgery procedures are excess-free, and with our Smart, Step Up and First Start Hospital covers we discount your day surgery excess to just $100.

Cover for the kids right up to age 25

Your children are covered by your family or sole-parent family membership until their 21st birthday. After that, there are a couple of options to keep them covered up to age 25, provided they are not married or living in a de facto relationship.

If they are studying full-time they can remain on your membership at no additional cost as a 'student dependant' If they are working, and you have our Premium Hospital cover, they can remain on your membership for an additional contribution that’s only a fraction of what they’d pay for their own individual cover.

Free programs to help you be well, get well and stay well

Our health management programs are available to rt members as part of their hospital cover, absolutely free. Choose from:

Hospital at Home to help you get home from hospital sooner, or avoid a hospitalisation altogether, with hospital-equivalent care in your own home.

Chronic disease prevention and management program to help you make the lifestyle changes you need to improve or prevent chronic disease.

A helping hand for families in need

The rt Families Foundation is a place for transport and energy industry families to turn when they need a helping hand.

The rt Families Foundation can provide assistance to families with medical care, medicine, treatment or equipment that isn’t covered by Medicare or private health cover. It is an independent, charitable organisation run by rt staff volunteers in their own time.

See what our members say

Hear from Matt McCann, ETU employee, about what his experience has been since switching to rt health.